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Be proud of your fence, again!

St. John Fence provides staining and sealing services for your new or aged wood projects such as fences, decks, stairs, rails, even pergolas! Do your fence or deck a favor by dramatically increasing its life with our commercial grade and solvent-free, staining sealants. Expertly applied, our sealants reach deep into the wood to encapsulate the fibers creating a beautiful, rich, and lasting barrier of protection; The best and safest way to preserve and beautify your wood.

Protect and extend the life of your fence or deck.

Staining and sealing your home’s wood projects maximizes your investment by protecting the wood from unnatural discoloration and rot caused by our extreme Florida environment. Oxidization, salt air, U.V. rays, mold, and mildew growth, will deteriorate and shorten the life of any unprotected and exposed wood.
Fence Stain before and after

The safest feature of our fence and deck stains is the lack of harmful solvents.

Most commercial-grade stains require the use of toxic solvents that evaporate into the air once applied to the wood. These products often do not stand the test of time and expose your family and pets to fumes and off-gassing. Most store-bought stains are required to use less of these solvents, which makes the life of the stain fair even worse without re-applying year after year. Our stains are mineral oil-based and solvent-free, containing at least 73% to 150% more UV-blocking pigments than most products in the industry. Additionally, our stains will not crack, peel, or flake.

A fence adds privacy and security, but a beautiful fence adds value.

By increasing your home’s curb appeal, our staining and sealing service is a wise investment that will not only save you money but will likely add thousands to the value of your home, by dramatically increasing the life of your fence or deck and beautifying it for decades to come.
Before and after fence and deck stain